Kia ora and welcome to the most eastern edge of the empire

From here, its just a short swim to the very edge of the world. Its also quite close to the international dateline as well, and that can be quite timely.

Flora and fauna

Pitt Island is a jewel in the crown of Chatham Islands conservation and tourism. A significant portion of the island is conservation estate and the island boasts an extraordinary amount of endemic and rare species of plants, birds and insects.

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The history of this 16,000 acre dot in the pacific has been recorded since the mid 1800s. Information about the original Moriori occupants, the settlers and Maori that came after is all readily available

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Scenery and seascapes

An island surrounded by islands makes for some impressive scenery and Pitt Island is a photographers delight. From rare and lush bush scenery, to spectacular basalt bluffs and nearby off-shore islands, the views can be endless and breathtaking.

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Pitt Island

Everything you want to know about Pitt Island – and more. The history, the people and the places. Pitt Island: the slice of paradise on the Eastern edge of the Empire.


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